Love Vashikaran Mantra

Love Vashikaran Mantra helps you to get your true love back or new relationship .These mantras will get energized when you suppose to use. Most of Vashikaran specialists astrologer suggest you to jaap these mantras repeatedly daily remembering your love in you mind. It is mostly used for the period of one or two weeks and time must be same for each and every day jaap. These mantras can be used on both male and female.

Love Vashikaran Mantra: -

Love Vashikaran mantras have been prescribed by old Sages millions of years ago and these are used where monitoring and control is required because of one individual in relationship is straying by having excess relationships exterior of this relationship. It can also be used to bring your lover or love partner closer to you and listen to you. It must never be used in a wrong way i.e. to control special someone who is no longer with you or was never more you. If you want your special someone or get him back then you use Vashikaran mantra. Vashikaran mantra change the accurate felling anyone and push your side. Vashikaran mantra for love we see in various types in our Indian Vedic Astrology.

The love Vashikaran mantra is as follows:

“Om namo namo Sarvlok Vashikaraye Kuru Kuru swaha ”
Instead of Kuru Kuru the love or desire man/woman name can be used. If this is infused on betel nut (supari) by reciting this love Vashikaran mantra continue 108 times and then this betel nut can either be kept or given to this desire person and that should help this desire person to listen to you. And like your personality.

There is 2nd Vashikaran mantra which can be used as well:

"Om kamdevo namo Hrarye tha tha swaha”
This unique mantra can be recited 10001 times to make you powerful. Then take an apple, mango or coconut fruit and pronounce on this one fruit 108 times and then this fruit can be given to eat to the individual and then they will listen to you. Once again I must spot out that Laws of spiritual Karma will ensure and secure that this is not used for malicious arrest purpose and if you try then it will affect you in an unassertive way.

Then there is a 3rd power full Vashikaran mantra which can be used as well:

"Om Hareeng Mohini swaha "
Rise soon in the morrow and after shower or bath decontaminates a mug of water with pronounce the above mantras 7 times and with name of the desire love person who you want them to listen to you. Then tipple this water and continue do this for 21 days. Then there should be Definitive and good results.


The term of Vashikaran yantras is a old Hindu religion Sanskrit language word, in technical durations yantras means an appliance, an equipment, a tantric or mystical diagrams composed of geometrical and alphabetic structure usually etched on miniature plates of silver, gold, brass or copper. These are also built unpin three dimensions in stone or mineral.
The purpose of yantras is to concentration metaphysical and psychic strength, to develop or improve wealth and health , blessing of Goddess etc. The Astrology shastras or old texts(Vedas) have encompass the power of yantras in high honor as an dominant tool in the path towards cognition. As said above this is constructed with execute immutable enactment of virtuous geometry, with deviation locking change of geometric shape, rings, triangles etc.
Being emblematic representation of energy patterns of a deity is grade amongst the energetic centering mode for harnessing divine powers. It is prepared and make by a qualified person as it is made below his specific commandment for fruitful consequence, although it would not be a arduous for most of us to copy the form of powerful yantras, but it does not yield the desired result unless it is activated by a sidhee vashikaran and other mantras. This act can be performed by a eligible person that he will inculcate in to the vashikaran yantras with the specific energy via the medium of spiritual vashikaran mantras.
Yantras is used for different- different motive such as to reduce the poorly effect of the 9 planets, to attain good health and prosperity. It is commonly preferred by sages to ward off the harm effects of the planets like black magic, souls or ones adversary. It should be written and used with due adoration and belief and must be prepared pursuance to prescribed ceremony and instructions, and the pooja should be performed by a appropriate individual. Hindu old astrological Shasta's tick off this yantras as the most vital one as it has a powerful impact on the attainment of power, rights and pecuniary achievement.

It means devout spirits divinity reside in Yantras and without performing puja of Yantras not a one can appease them nor obtain required results from God.


There are some useful Vashikaran Yantras are Attraction Yantras, Love Astrology Yantras, Horoscope Yantras, Vaastu Yantras, Maha-Kali Yantras, Enemy Loss Yantra, Flourishing Yantra, Self Security Yantras, Knowledge-Sucess Yantras and Remove Bad Spells lockets Yantras. Many No. of Yantras in Indian old astrology some yantras are define like:-


This attraction or enchantment Yantra is usable in attracting any he/she, obtain impact in royal courts and polity and control over wooded cattle.The attraction Yantra be inscribed on copper small platen or plump sandal incase. The following attraction magical mantra is pronouncefor 25 days continue, 1000 times diurnal brow north-west direction. The veneration of the enchantment Yantra is done with Goddess Durga Asthora with vermillion(sandoor) or washed white rice assorted with vermillion(sandoor). The meal for offering are cooked rice combinatorial with boiled cow milk, fresh fruits and bee honey.
"Om Krom Hrim Hrim Krom Om"


This vashikaran Yantra can also be applied by married woman,man whose husbands or wife are engaged in extra love or marriage affairs. On a month first week Monday mix white sunrise grass white dhamchi and milk of a white, black or red cow and the ink thus is made. Write the name of persion on bhojpatra and wear in the scrag side.


Take an soiled Pantaloon and write the enemy vashikran Yantra on it. thump the pantaloon by foot and again carry and keep same position of the Pantaloon. Then recite the following vashikaran mantras 108 times continue. Write the full name of the enemy(individual) in center of a ring.
"Om Vishnu Bhakti Paronitya Yo Bhajet Pakshi Nayekam"


This power full astrological Yantra is reck for peace and root out the aggressive behavior of a individual. The Peace Yantra be inscribed reap on Monday and also written this day yantra mantar. Write the name of individual in stead of “Devdutt” for whom Yantra is made. The following mantras is adoration for eight days continues, 2000 times daily facing east side direction. The constancy of the peace Yantra is full with Goddess Lalita Ashtothara & Durga Ashtothara with red roses and vermillion. The food for offering are cooked good rice with green gram(mungi) pulse, porridge made of green gram pulse(mungi) and bee honey and coconuts. YANTRA
"Om Hreeng hreeng Manassidhkari Hreeng Namaha"


The knowledge Yantra is useful in obtainment of good and improved knowledge of self and trouble of spells. This Yantra be inscribed on silver,copper or gold plate and do be lost in admiration for 45 days facing north-east direction. The Yantra be worshiped through goddess Lalita with chamali flowers or washed rice grams mixed with red sandoor (vermillion). Meal for offerings are sugary porridge, cooked rice and milk.
"Om Shreem Hans Vahinayai Swaha"

Different- Different types of vashikaran Yantras And its Uses:

vashikaran Yantra must be ready pursuance to prescribed ceremony and indications. Powerful Yantras may be worn throughout the scrag, placed at stipulated place and each has apart effect impact as stated under-blow.Our Website provide various types of vashikran yantra. vashikaran yantra also use to Get your love back and other life problems.
Shri Yantra : This is the most important yantra and is used to attain power, authority and financial success. It brings popularity to those already in power.
Bagala Mukti Yantra : It is useful to achieve success in competitive exams, law suits and provides protection against scars, operation, etc.
Kali Yantra : It bestows on the sadhak the fulfillment of desires, wealth and comforts of life. Also it provides guard against chronic diseases, misfortune and harmful effects of saturn that bring sorrow in human life.
Shri Bhairon Yantra : It brings good luck and bestows the sadhak with fulfillment of desires. It is effective for Vashi karan, maran and removal of poverty.
Saraswati Yantra : This yantra sharpens the intellect and ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations.
Shri Ganesh Yantra : The sadhak will be blessed with fulfillment of desires, achievement of his goals of securing wealth, power and authority.
Mrit Sanjivani Yantra : This yantra offers protection from all diseases bestows sadhak with wealth, good fortune, fame and happiness.
Mangal Yantra : It provides protection from accidents and enables speedy recovery from operation. It frees the sadhak from debts and cures blood pressure and rash temper. Note : Without Consult any Pandit Or Tantrik don’t use these mantra.