What is Actually a Voodoo Doll?

Nowadays, voodoo dolls are created for different purposes. In New Orleans, which can be called the center of voodoo in America, they are used as talismans gris-gris. In the sense of “gray” and this means that they are “in between” black and white magic. Gris-gris – it is a noun and a verb, meaning ready ritual object such as a doll or a bag made of cloth filled with magical ingredients and charged charms and spells.
In New Orleans, there are 4 main categories of gris-gris; love, luck, finance, dominance and removal of curse. These 4 categories are among the most sought after dolls and voodoo gris-gris.A as they are used as focusing tools in rituals and meditations.

Voodoo Religion can rightly be considered one of the most ancient religions on earth, it has been known for about 7000 years.
The word voodoo means spirit or mystery. Proponents acknowledge the existence of a single Voodoo god (bon dieu or a good god), powerful spirits are below him, called loa (loa). These spirits are responsible for the daily life in the need for love, money, wealth, family, happiness, and revenge. Loa are slightly different from the Catholic and Christian holy angels so that they do not ask for help themselves, rather they are asked to intercede before God on your behalf.

In the days of slavery, African slaves brought to Brazil religion vodun plantation, Haiti, Cuba and Louisiana, where it is mixed with the local superstitions, European folk magic and Catholicism. The resulting religious tradition is referred to as the African religion is borrowed. Among the most famous of these religions; Santeria in Cuba and parts of the US states, Voudou in Haiti and in some southern US states and Creole voodoo in New Orleans and Louisiana.
In 1782, the governor of Louisiana outlawed the import of black slaves from West – India. He believed that they were a threat to the citizens of voodoo practices. In addition, the number of black slaves exceeded the number of white colonists, and the governor wanted to ban voodoo fear of slave rebellion.
And indeed Wood was one of the main ways of resistance against the oppression of the slave-owners of slaves. Support for the war god has given strength to this resistance and helped them to the final liberation from slavery.
Voodoo as a religion demonized savages and actively pursue all the colonial time. Priests and their followers were killed, their sanctuary, and supplies were destroyed because of the threat they posed to Christianity. Slaves forcibly baptized in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church on arrival in Haiti and America. This caused fans voodoo go underground and in secret to worship their gods and ancestral spirits. The irony is that Catholicism has proved effective cover to continue the tradition of Voodoo, as saints are aligned with the spirits of the African pantheon. The original deity worshiped by African slaves under the guise of Catholicism preserved and synthesized the new Voodoo.
OUR DAYS and voodoo doll
The most popular targets for voodoo dolls in our time is love, luck and prosperity, strength and dominance, pregnancy, protection, removal of damage and healing. However, for revenge, too, are still used. Only, for some reason forget about responsibility. What goes around comes around.
Voodoo Dolls can be considered a form of gris-gris. Gris-gris is a spell or amulet made to bring its owner something positive; love, luck or money. They are used as a focusing tool in the creative visualization for any good purpose.