About Us

Whether we believe in Astrology or not but at some point in our life we have to believe it that there exist something very powerful in our lives which is directing our lives... what we call... Destiny and Astrology is nothing else but an attempt to estimate the destiny of a person so as to provide him or her some important guidelines.

Astrologer Guruji has been involved with Astrology for the last 20 years, 11 Times Gold Medalist and he performs Vedic Remedies based on detailed Horoscope analysis to finish the negative effects of planets and influences, which is presently affecting your life by creating problems, failures, hurdles etc. He has so many Vedic Pandits (Priests) in his Ashram and Temple who do Vedic Poojas for solving all type of problems of Bhakts. Astrologer Guruji is completely devoted to the betterment of humanity to mitigate sufferings of persons who approach him.

He provides Vedic and Spiritual consulting all over the world for the following problems.: - All kinds of Business problems, Carrier/Job Problems, To restrict and detect all kinds of Evil Effects & Evil Forces, Problems of Love Affairs, Late Marriage ,Frictions in the marriage/ Divorce Problems ,All kinds of Children Problems, To relieve any kind of mental and Body Stress through Vedic Rituals ,Problems and court litigations ,Depression ,Immigration Problems ,Sleepless Nights , Delayed Success ,New born Babies Problems ,Partnership Problem ,Property Problems ,Spiritual Healings ,Sexual Problems ,Problems of Bad dreams , Influence of Good and Bad Spirits ,Frequent Accidents Problems ,Brother/ Sister problems,Mother-in-law/Father-in-Law/Brother-in-Law-Sister-In-Law Problems ,Drainage of money Problems ,Any and All kinds of Human and Evil problems .

Our Vashikaran Specialist Service:-
We lay a great emphasis on client-friendly and clear-cut policies that are solely based on ethical business principals. We completely comprehend our clients with maximum benefits for the value and time they pay to avail our services. The wholehearted and optimistic approach followed by our team members has helped us to achieve excellence.

Our service portfolio includes:
Jyotish (astrology)
Love Marriage
Get Your Love back
Black Magic
Hypnotism (Vashikaran)
Tantra mantra Samrat